Are we mobile yet?

One of the first subjects I studied at university in 2006, was communication technologies. For my final assignment I wrote about future technologies that I figured would set employees free from their desks with high powered, wireless, mobile computers.

And it wasn’t just employees who I thought would benefit, we’d all have access to these high powered, mobile devices.

Six years later and we have iPads, tablets, and smart phones, but can anybody really claim to do their (desk) job armed with just an iPad or a smart phone?

I tired writing this post on my phone with swype, but only managed the first two paragraphs, and that was a fairly frustrating experience. It might have been different if I’d used my tablet, but I wanted to test my ability to blog on the go with nothing more than what I usually have with me (my phone).

So are we mobile yet? The answer for me is sorta, kinda, but not quite. I can consume plenty of media on the go, but getting any kind of productive work done is still a way off for me, but I think we’re close.

I imagine within the next six years (2018), we’ll all using wearable computers and won’t be constrained by screen sizes or keyboards for getting things done, and another six years after that? Is it too soon to start talking about computer implants?