The cover for d.evoltuion

New World Technology promised to remake the world through digital evolution. Having already revolutionized the way people live and work with computer implant technology and personal holographic assistants, New World Technology’s teleportation devices were almost universally embraced, eliminating the tyranny of distance.

But when Jason Smith — co-founder of New World Technology — discovers the dark underside to his company’s technology, he realizes he must fight everything he has ever worked to create or risk being remembered as the man who enslaved humanity.

Set in the near future, d.evolution fast forwards some of the technologies we use today and presents a time where it is commonplace for people to have neural implants and continually interact with artificial intelligence on a personal level.

The story engages with some of the ideas George Orwell first put forward in Nineteen Eighty-Four and updates the technology that Big Brother uses to control the people. In d.evolution, Big Brother isn’t just watching you, Big Brother is inside your head.

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