d.evolution free, but maybe for the last time

Amazon select lets authors ​list their titles for free for 5 out of 90 days as a way of gaining extra exposure. The only clincher; the title has to be exclusive to Amazon for that 90 period.

When Smashwords was the only other real option for self publishers, making the book exclusive with Amazon didn’t seem like such a big deal. Maybe if Smashwords accepted epub files direct from publishers instead of insisting on .doc files to be converted (yeah, really), things would be different.

​But now that itunes and Kobo have opened their doors to self-publishers and my exclusivity period is almost up with Amazon, I’m using up the final days to take advantage of Amazon’s free promo, and then I’ll be off to try a couple of other etailers.

d.evolution is free for the next three days.

​Get it from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk (please note, promotions on the UK site can take longer to show up, but it should show up soon).