Progress on The Bastard Cadre #2

It has been six months since I published d.evolution and I’d really hoped to have the sequel to A God-Blasted Land out by now.

In that six months I’ve had a couple of false starts, I wrote 20,000 words (which is about half of a Bastard Cadre story) of the story I originally thought would come next in the series, only to decide at that halfway point that in fact, the story I was writing would come later in the series. I then started work on the story that does come next and picks up with Avril a little after we last saw him at Frake’s Peak. The first draft took a lot longer than I expected and I was never really happy with the last half of the story, but I kept plugging away at it, figuring that if I spent enough time looking at it I’d figure out what was wrong with it and eventually I realized what it was. I’d let go of the tension and instead of pushing the characters around to see how they’d react, I had them hanging out a bar exchanging silly stories and getting drunk together. Which is nice in real life, but that’s not what I’m aiming for, and it threw off the ending I was going for.

Which took me back to the drawing board for the last half of the story, but tonight, I finally got there and have a second draft I’m pretty happy with. There are lots ofthroughout the last half of the manuscript, but the first half has already been edited and re-edited so many times that it won’t need much more work and now that the structure is in place I can concentrate on fixing up that last half.